Map Reading with Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue

£5 per person

Learn to how to read a map accurately or brush up on your map reading skills, plus lots of other valuable information to keep yourself and others safe when out and about off road.

Tuesday 11th February 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Units 6,7,8, Farrington Court, Farrington Ind Est, Burnley BB11 5SS

Places limited to 12 people. Can anyone who has requested a place please still send their £5 non-refundable deposit to secure their place. Paymets can be made via Paypal on this website or by cheque to Cosima Towneley, made payable to Burnley Bridleways Association to:

BB11 3RE.

We aim to start at 7.30 so please be on time.  You will be required to bring a 1:25,000 map, paper, pen and a donation to the RPMR Team who are funding raising for a new ambulance.  Tea and coffee is provided but any other refreshments like cake or biscuits will be gratefully received.

Table Top Tack and Tackle Sale

£15 per person

A Table Top Sale with an Equestrian Theme. Bring your tack, riding clothes, books etc. to find new homes!

Tuesday 3rd March 6.30pm – 9.30pm. 

Burnley Wood Community Centre (provisionally)

Pay via Paypal on this website or send a cheque made payable to Burnley Bridleways Association to Cosima Towneley at:

BB11 3RE

All proceeds go to the Burnley Bridleways Association to help maintain our bridleways.

Thank you


Disclaimer – Rules for participation in BBA Events

Riding Etiquette For Monthly Rides and / or Organised Events

The Riding Etiquette has been compiled to cover monthly Association & Event rides as and when they take place.  Those taking part are required to ‘agree’ to the terms & conditions herein before entering for the safety and enjoyment of all.

It is understood that infringement of any or all of the Conditions of Entry during the activity/event which are of sufficient concern will result in the entrant being requested to withdraw from the event/ride by the BBA Committee/ the Ride leader and/or a Steward.  In the event of such an action being necessary the rider/attendee in question will no longer be associated with the event or covered under the Organising Party’s insurance and will be expected to leave the event in an orderly way without disruption or interference, verbal or physical, of or to the organisers, stewards and/or other attendees.

In the case of Monthly rides it may be appropriate to ring and check times, venue, parking and to confirm attendance. Please do this on the preceding Thursday or Friday.

Finally, these events are meant to be fun for everyone so


Conditions of Entry for Organised Rides

  1. Riders & Cyclists must wear British Standard hard hats, all participants must wear appropriate footwear and be in good health, capable of completing the course without help.
  2. Cyclists must give way to riders & walkers and ensure their brakes are in proper working order.
  3. The Ride Leader will set the pace for the whole ride.
  4. At NO point and for NO reason are riders to overtake a Ride Leader.
  5. Riders are strongly encouraged to wear Hi-Viz.
  6. If a rider fails to comply with the reasonable requests and/or commands from the Organiser, Steward or Ride Leader they will be required to leave the event/ride and will no longer be covered by the rules/regulations or insurance of the Organiser of the event.
  7. No horses or ponies under 4 years old.
  8. All horses must be used to riding in company and wear the appropriate ribbon in their tail if a kicker, red or young horse, green.
  9. Horses liable to kick must remain at the back at all times when riding in a group.
  10. All Participants must observe the Countryside Code.
  11. Participants are responsible at all times for the actions of people and animals accompanying them, whether mounted or dismounted, at all times whilst taking part in the event.
  12. Participants must have 3rd Party Insurance and it will be a condition of entry that each entrant or party taking part shall indemnify the BBA against each and any legal action arising from any loss, damage, injury, death or mishap to people, objects or animals by signing/clicking this entry form on their own behalf or for the group they are part of or lead.
  13. A copy of the constitution, rules and conditions of this event can be viewed at the Secretary’s tent or online here.


Refunds will be made up to the closing date & monies returned minus the fee charged for the online service.