Black Scout Pleasure Ride, Saturday 1st July 2023

£25 per person

This is an unescorted ride of approximately 10 miles of off-road riding in the stunning South Pennines.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 30. Booking is essential, sorry no entries on the day.

£25 per horse. No refunds. £10 FOR MEMBERS WHO JOIN VIA THE WEBSITE USING PAYPAL go to Discount applies to members only. Please DO NOT BUY TICKETS FOR NON MEMBERS using your membership discount.

First riders can go out at 10am, last riders must be out by 11am. Maps and route descriptions will be provided, and you are advised to examine them carefully before setting off.

Box sharing is encouraged due to parking restrictions, travel with a friend and receive £5 cash back on the day.

Parking, registration and refreshments from 8am at Overtown Farm, Red Lees Road, Cliviger, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 4TF.

Please note, small parts of the ride involve high tracks that are not for the feint hearted!


Black Scout entry form

If you do not see your discounted membership price, please ensure you are logged in to your membership account.

Disclaimer – Rules for participation in BBA Events

Riding Etiquette For Monthly Rides and / or Organised Events

The Riding Etiquette has been compiled to cover monthly Association & Event rides as and when they take place.  Those taking part are required to ‘agree’ to the terms & conditions herein before entering for the safety and enjoyment of all.

It is understood that infringement of any or all of the Conditions of Entry during the activity/event which are of sufficient concern will result in the entrant being requested to withdraw from the event/ride by the BBA Committee/ the Ride leader and/or a Steward.  In the event of such an action being necessary the rider/attendee in question will no longer be associated with the event or covered under the Organising Party’s insurance and will be expected to leave the event in an orderly way without disruption or interference, verbal or physical, of or to the organisers, stewards and/or other attendees.

In the case of Monthly rides it may be appropriate to ring and check times, venue, parking and to confirm attendance. Please do this on the preceding Thursday or Friday.

Finally, these events are meant to be fun for everyone so


Terms and Conditions – Ride Rules


  • The BBA strongly recommends wearing Hi-Viz when riding and carriage driving. Hi-viz numbered tabards will be given out on the day and require a £5 cash deposit – exact money please.
  • Please report to the organisers on arrival and follow the instructions of marshals and officials at all times.
  • Please provide vehicle make, model and registration on arrival.
  • All riders are responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and others.
  • All riders must have previous experience of riding the horse they have entered into the event.
  • Always ride, and carriage drive, with courtesy, care and consideration to fellow users of the route including other equestrians, cyclists, walkers, particularly those who may be elderly or disabled.
  • Ride slowly past others using the route.
  • Do not stray from the planned route or designated areas. Remember horses’ hooves can damage surfaces in wet weather.
  • Leave gates as you find them and ride slowly past or through stock.
  • If the event incorporates using a road, ensure the Highway Code is adhered to.
  • If you return without finishing the ride, for whatever reason, please inform the organisers and return your ride number.




Your Horse

  • All horses must be over the age of five years and of appropriate fitness level for the activity being undertaken – barefoot hooves, hoof boots or metal shoes must be in good condition.
  • No stallions and kickers or young animals to wear the appropriate ribbon in their tail. If riding such animals the rider is expected to give the appropriate verbal warnings and keep their animal away from other riders.
  • Tack must be in safe condition and fit correctly. No spurs.
  • Don’t forget it is a legal requirement to have your horses’ passport when travelling to events. This may be asked for on arrival.


If the BBA cancel this ride refunds will be made up to the closing date & monies returned minus the fee charged for the online service. Otherwise refunds are not applicable.