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The South Pennine Packhorse Trails Trust was the brain child of Sue Hogg in response to the loss, through agricultural encroachment and public apathy, of our historic tracks and trails which, prolifically & clearly, document the rise and rise of industry and community over, round and throughout the South Pennine landscape and further afield.

The Trust was established with financial assistance from voluntary organizations and individuals, environmental trusts, businesses and local and central government.  It had to raise every penny it spent.  During its life The SPPTT raised and invested over £500,000 in opening up 100 km plus of the ancient highway network.  The reasons for these historic routes may have changed but the need for these routes has not; they still serve business, albeit recreational rather than industrial, and they continue to connect communities both socially and environmentally to other people and places.

With the 2026 cut-off date an immediate reality the Trust’s legacy which, since it was wound up in 2018, that lies in it’s vast archive is even more vital.

We therefore send out a rally call for support to enable us, the National Federation of Bridleway Associations in conjunction with the Burnley Bridleway Association to properly catalogue the decades of work so that this invaluable research can be available to the many volunteers, both in the Pennine area and further afield.  A professional Archivist has sifted through the mountains of documentation and maps and it will take £5,000 to complete the first part of the project which is to catalogue and rehouse the information… BUT we are aware that any archive only lives through it’s accessibility and to that end we continue to raise funds so that the Sue Hogg – South Pennine Packhorse Trails Trust Archive can be available to all on-line.

If you care about history, if you care about the landscape, if you care about history within the landscape please support our efforts to ensure that by the time 2026 arrives we have saved as many of our historic routes as possible.

In advance, and from past, present & future users – Thank you.

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