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Threats to Routes

Under Part II of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, historical footpaths and bridleways, which came into existence before 1949 but which have not been recorded on the definitive map and statement by 1 January 2026, may be extinguished. Many of these unrecorded historical paths are still in use and can be recorded now on the basis of 20 years’ use before it is too late.

Routes Claimed

In 2026 any routes that you use will be lost if they are not claimed. Not enough is happening, this needs all of us to help.

Work Ongoing

Cosi Towneley from Burnley Bridleways has been working hard to open new local routes such as the Cliviger 8 and a route from Gorple Road to Rowley Park.

Cosi has also been working on draining Scholey Head Lane which has made accessing parts of the Mary Towneley Loop difficult for people in that area.


What is happening, (and what is not)

Open Spaces are working on recording routes but their emphasis is on footpaths and not bridleways. See

The BHS are campaigning to raise awareness and are asking people to record routes. You can download their toolkit which will help you. See

1910 Finance Act

The 1910 Finance Act resulted in the first definitive map of Britain of all property and land which was used to raise money from taxes. Unfortunately, many of the routes used by walkers and horses alike were designated as footpaths and horse riders lost the right to use them.

What needs to be done

We need you to ride and record your routes! See for advice on how to do this.

How to get involved

The best way to get involved is to KEEP RIDING!

Don’t stop because of a locked gate! There are people who can help you:

Everyone can help - riders, walkers and cyclists!

We are all faced with the prospect of barbed wire, padlocks, 'Private Keep Out' signs and blocked routes.

Useful Contacts

Contact your local Access and Bridleways Officer to help save your routes.

Access and Bridleways Officer (Burnley)
BHS Regional (NW) Bridleways Officer

Chris Peat

Access and Bridleways Officer (Pendle)

Via Trawden Bridleways

Sue Hemingway

07759 027586


Julie Cooper

01282 425744

8 Kirby Walk, Burnley BB11 2DE

Burnley Council

Please look up the local councilor for your ward using MARIO

01282 425011

Burnley Town Hall
Manchester Road
Burnley BB11 1JA